playlist w02y16 "SLEEPRUNNER"

The first playlist of the year. Signature track? Obviously Kanye West’s No More Parties in LA. A track that was left on the cutting floor during the MBDTF-times. It’s the first release of the rebooted GOOD FRIDAY’s — can’t wait for more tracks. With Daniel Caesar’s Streetcar as a throwback to the 808 & Heartbreaks album I’m more than ready to get the old Kanye back.

Another standout track for me is the Carpainter song. No idea what he’s singing, but the 2step vibe feels great. And I have to mention the title track: Sleeprunner. Originally from the 2014 album Ghosts of Then and Now, this is in the Zed Bias-remix, which I like better than the original.

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